How to Beat Procrastination … I need to know!

I know all about the ‘plan your time’ ‘plan your space’ ‘do just a little, break the task into manageable bites’ but what’s the point in having manageable bites if every time I look at the essay question I go off food. It looks interesting, it really is interesting but I’d much prefer to just be doing something else.

That’s not even true, I want to be doing my essay and don’t want to be feeling these guilty feelings which arise when I’m not working properly. So perhaps it’s a problem of getting started … which perhaps can be overcome by turning on my draft essay and sitting there writing a paragraph of rambling free association on the theme of the essay … just stuff … stuff to get me going …. stuff that can deleted or edited and used later …

Perhaps I’ll stop procrastinating now and get back to my essay.


About arttraveller

Just someone who enjoys life, love, sewing, art and living in the greatest city in the world.
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